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About Us

 Hello, my name is Kyle Vivian.

After years of training dogs with behavioural issues, and working for other businesses that offered canine services, we finally bought a house and moved to Owen Sound to start our own business. In 2019 we established North Grey K9, specializing in dogs with severe behavioural issues - the dogs no one else will touch and have otherwise been given up on. We quickly began fostering and rehabilitating dogs for local rescues, boarding dogs no one else would take, and educating dog owners about canine psychology, training theory, and body language. I began dog training in 2014, working under a trainer near Collingwood,ON. I learned a lot about canine psychology, training methods and theories, and was grateful to have been able to work with many extreme behavioural cases. In addition I also ran a dog daycare with behavioural dogs, and taught group classes from puppy to intermediate obedience. My wife Madison worked at a dog daycare for some time, but soon began working in the field of veterinary medicine as a veterinary assistant in 2019. With our combined skills, knowledge and experience we are able to provide a quality service to the dogs of Grey and Bruce.

We currently reside at our home in Owen Sound, but are so often at the 100 acre family farm we may as well live there too. We own 4 dogs (Rhea, Arya, Samantha and Maggie), as well as 2 cats (Pumba & Iroh) and 2 horses (Thunder and Whiskey). 

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